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15 Ways to Celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi in an Eco Friendly Way

Ganesh Chaturthi is one of the most popular Hindu festival of India and people all around the country worship Lord Ganesha. Ganesh Chaturthi is very auspicious day as people celebrates 9 days long festival to start new activity successfully without any hurdles.

In each and every state of India people celebrates this festival in their homes with family, workplace and even in public. People places Ganesha in public and celebrates in group.

This festival brings lots of happiness but once the festival gets over it causes lots of harm to our environment like water, noise and soil pollution.

Ganesh Chaturthi festival is already started this year and here I love to explain 15 easy ways to celebrate this festival in an eco friendly way.

# 1 Buy Eco Friendly Ganesha

eco friendly

On this festival try to buy natural and bio-degradable Ganesha idols. motorcycle fairings,If possible then avoid buying idols which made up of chemicals, POP, Plastic and other harmful material.

#2  Limit Ganesha Idols

ganesha idol

We have seen throughout the years that in one society there was around 20 of Ganesha Pandals and each pandal have big Ganpati. If you are living in or a part of one community then tries to limit the number of Ganesha idols and more important is use small size of Ganesha idol. Bigger Ganesha murthy requires more space and it consumes more clay.

#3 Unnecessary use of Lights & Crackers


We used to visit different pandals with our friends or family members once a week. People should only switch on the lights of pandals during Puja or Aarti in evenings only. Switch of all the lights during day time as it will save lots of electricity and saves power. yamaha r6 fairings,Air is very important for humans so please don’t use crackers which makes pollution.

#4 Natural Rangoli


Childrens and Adults love the glimpse of rangoli during festivals. Here we should use natural colors for making rangoli. If possible try to use gulal, natural flowers and leaves, mehndi and rice powder in rangoli to give eco friendly use.

#5 Eco Friendly Decoration

Try to avoid plastic in decoration across ganesha pandals. Use eco friendly decoration like paper to make flowers, dolls or bells. You can also use natural flowers, cloths and wood to decorate whole pandal.

#6 Avoid Plastic Products

Lots of pandals buy decorative stuffs from general stores in plastic bags and throws, Try to use cloth bags instead of plastic bags which are much more comfortable to carry goods.

#7 Ooof Loud Music

This will hurt music lovers but don’t use loud music stereos in pandals as it will create disturbance and panic to others. There may be lots of elder person’s lives around the pandals and even students may study during nights and you won’t love to disturb them. If possible then use tabla and other low sound instruments.

#8 Use only one Pandal

As I said earlier in this article limit the number of pandals. If you live in one society then no need to build multiple pandals. Just build one huge pandal for public and celebrate this festival jointly.

#9 Innovative Artificial Tank

artificial tank

This technique emerged in recent years as people use small artificial tank for immersion of lord Ganesha at the end of festival. This will save huge pollution as they are avoiding river, sea, lake or pound.

#10 Government should step up

I don’t know about this but government or different communities should come ahead and distrbute prices who promote eco friendly way of celebrating this festival. Yes, I am amongst them too J

#11 Fertilize your garden

Pandals should collect the flowers, garlands, and organic materials which come as a offerings and should put them in pit to be used for fertilize the garden.

#12 Use metal or stone Ganpati

Lots of families uses metal or stone ganpati from last few years. The reason behind is that instead of immersing Ganesh ji in water body you can sprinkle drops of water on it and later wipe it to use this for next year.

#13 Reuse the products

Don’t buy new products every year. Yes,gxsr fairings. reuse left over products in an different ways to reduce waste

#14 Raise your voice

I strongly recommend this if you are in big group. Yes, ensure that your community or society buys eco friendly ganesha instead of POP or chemical ganesha. Go to respective pandals before festival and inform them about it.

#15 Spread Awareness

Yes, this is most practical way to stop pollution. Now a days you may be very active on social media so try to aware other people about pollution. Teach the new generation about the importance of environment and be a hero. You can also spread awareness by sharing this article.

I hope you learned something new here today. So I expect you to educate other people about the harm which causes our land and environment during this festival.

May lord Ganesha Brings you more happiness, health & wealth.

Happy Ganesh Chaturthi.

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